air abrasion dentistryAir Abrasion Dentistry

We are excited to offer Air Abrasion Dentistry as an option for our patients! This technology is ideal for treatment of small areas of early tooth decay or preparation of deep grooves or pits in the surface of tooth enamel prior to placement of a dental sealant.

How Air Abrasion Dentistry Works

Air abrasion uses a combination of compressed air and tiny abrasive particles to remove minor tooth decay, much like a "sandblaster" removes old paint. While it is not designed for large cavities or removal of big fillings, it is well suited for cases when the area is small and limited to the chewing surface of a tooth.

Air abrasion is a very conservative form of cavity preparation and helps our dentists preserve healthy tooth structure when placing a composite (white) filling without using a drill. Air abrasion can be used to complete a composite restoration in minutes with a natural-looking result.

Eliminating the drill means no noisy procedures, and, the best part, generally there is no need for anesthetic, so no "shots"!

Air Abrasion in Children's Dentistry

Air Abrasion Dentistry is a great option for children! With no loud drill and no shot, your child's early experiences with dental procedures can become pleasant memories of visiting the dentist.

The key to conservative dentistry is a regular routine of checkups and cleanings. We invite you to Contact Us to schedule your family's next dental visit.

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